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Arena allocator tips and tricks

This article was discussed on Hacker News. Over the past year I’ve refined my approach to arena allocation. With practice, it’s effective, simple, and fast; typically as easy to use as garbage collection but without the costs. Depending on need, an allo…

via null program September 27, 2023

Hyprland is a toxic community

Hyprland is an open source Wayland compositor based on wlroots, a project I started back in 2017 to make it easier to build good Wayland compositors. It’s a project which is loved by its users for its emphasis on customization and “eye candy” – beautiful gra…

via Drew DeVault's blog September 17, 2023

Photo of me peacefully enjoying moshpit

This is one of official photos of Brutal Assault festival 2023. This moment was captured during Abbie falls concert. yeah…

via Blackblog Atom feed August 25, 2023

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