log #7: windows, items and inventories

Time interval: 2023-04-08/2023-04-20

I’m having trouble to write this post in an organised fashion, so I asked ChatGPT to do it for me. Here is the post:

Dev Log - Train Dispatcher Game

Date: [Insert date here]


Today, I worked on implementing some new features for the train dispatcher
game. Here's a rundown of what I accomplished:

    I implemented window functionality for the book item. Now, players can
    click on the book item in their inventory and a window will open,
    displaying information about the trains they need to dispatch.

    I added resizing ability to the new windows. Players can now adjust the
    size of the window to their liking, making it easier to read the
    information displayed.

    I fixed some window related bugs. Previously, there were some issues with
    window placement and resizing that caused some frustration for players.
    These issues have now been resolved.

    I refactored the item system. Previously, items contained entities, which
    made it difficult to manage the inventory system. Now, entities contain
    items, which should make it easier for players to keep track of their items
    and use them when needed.

    I added inventory saving. This means that players can now save their
    inventory progress, so they don't lose their items when they exit the game.
    This should make the game more enjoyable for players, as they won't have to
    start from scratch every time they play.

Overall, I'm happy with the progress I made today. The game is coming along
nicely, and I think these new features will make it more enjoyable for players.
I'm looking forward to continuing to work on the game and seeing how players
react to these changes.

It’s actually fairly accurate. One thing I could fix is that the item system refactor was to make it easier for me to work with the items, not for the player.

delays and single track

In the past I displayed my intent to add single track accidents and delays to the game. Thinking about these features, I concluded it will be best to simulate the whole railway system. This is the feature I will work on next.

isometric visual

In the discord server, I talked about my idea to make the game isometric. It’s not something I will focus on now, but I want to try making an isometric renderer, which I can port to tophat later and use with the game.