tophat (2021 - ongoing)

C, Umka

A 2d game framework for the Umka programming language. It is being used to implement my game and skejeton’s savegame.

UmBox (2023-2024)

Python, Umka, HTML, CSS

A package manager for Umka libraries.

MMRE (2023)


A daemon which periodically parses RSS (or Atom) feeds and sends new articles to email using SMTP. It supports multiple users.

MMGAL (2023)

Make, shell

A static HTML gallery solution implemented in Make and shell. You can see it in action here.

MMTT (2023)


A simple tool allowing the user to include shell snippets in text files. It is used by this website, and MMGAL.

UmProf (2022)


A very simple profiler for Umka programs. It can output a table, or a JSON, which can be opened in tools like Spall.

unifont2h (2023)


A tool for packing the GNU Unifont into C headers. It can fit one character into 8 bytes.

MMDOC (2023)


A universal documentation generator, currently used for tophat’s documentation. I also made a python implementation, which is used by UmBox to generate docs on the fly.

Various Umka libraries (2021 - ongoing)


A collection of Umka libraries and tools.

dts-draw (2023)


Web application which parser device tree source files, draws them and allows the user to search through them. Implemented as a project to school.